Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ubatte Agemasu (Manga)

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Ubatte Agemasu

Author & Artist: Saijou Ayano
Genre`s: Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Smut

This is the sequel to Mamotte Agemasu, so the summary is below.

Ok, this manga is so~~~ good. The guy is so~~~ sexy.. Well, exactly the same as the opinion on Mamotte Agemasu.

My Rating: SSSSS
This manga is Ongoing
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Mamotte Agemasu (Manga)

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Mamotte Agemasu

Author and Artist: Saijou Ayano
Genre´s: Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Smut

Hiragi Kotome - if it's for you whom I fell in love with at first sight, anytime you wish, I'll become a monster. Because I am Demon Zuka Takashi, leader of the strongest delinquent group in the Kantou region, the "Kinjinka" (fierce god group).
And in front of you, is the me that is sweet, naive, and cute. Ah, my sweet honey. I am your body guard from bad luck.

-Summary from Mangafox.com

First, the guy in this manga is the cutest, sexiest, most
beautiful manga- character i´ve ever seen. Worth to read because of him! But the story i very good to, very cute. I just love when a guy shows feelings for the girl alot. And it´s so cute that he gets all flustered sometimes because of her. I fell for this manga in the very first chapter. READ IT!

My Rating: SSSSS
This Manga is Completed.
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beast Master (Manga)

Beast Master

Author & Artist: Motomi Kyousuke
Genre´s: Comedy, Romance, School Life and Shoujo.

Yuiko Kubozuka is a high school girl who loves animals. Unfortunately, animals hate her and flee from her whenever possible. One time when she tries to take a cat down from a tree, a strange guy shows up. He has scary eyes and is covered in blood. The cat seems to like him though. The guy shows up to be a new classmate. His name is Leo Aoi. Everybody in their class gets terrified of him because of his eyes. Leo Aoi isn´t really a scary guy, he is the total opposite of a scary guy. When he founds out that Yuiko isn´t scared of him he gets really attached to her. Cuz she´s the first one that isn´t afraid of him. But Leo has a dark side too, a VERY dark side. Cuz when he sees blood or danger he...

I think this manga was very good and I love Motomi Kyousuke. She has also done Dengeki Daisy, that´s the best Shoujo Manga I´ve ever read. I strongly recomend this manga. If you love Dengeki Daisy, you will definetly like
Beast Master.

My Rate: SSSSS
This Manga is Completed.
Read it here: http://www.mangafox.com/manga/beast_master/

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Socrates In Love

Socrates In Love

Author: Kyoichi Katayama
Artist: Kazui Kazumi
Genre´s: Drama, Romance, Shoujo and Tragedy

Aki is dead. She´s not alive anymore. Saku was her boyfriend. This is their story about how they loved each other and his sorrow when she´s gone.

I know this doesn´t tell you much but there´s not alot about it. It´s a Crying-Your-Heart-Out Manga and I Recomend this. It´s very romantic and sweet.

My Rate: SSSSS
This Manga is completed.
Read it here: http://www.mangafox.com/manga/socrates_in_love/

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Boys Over Flowers- Big Special (Manga, Anime, Drama)

Boys Over Flowers
(Hana Yori Dango, Boys Before Flowers)

BOF (Boys Over Flowers) is a big thing all over the world. It´s released in Manga, Anime AND as a Korean Drama. I´m going to review all three and tell you the differences. I will start to tell you the story and then say my thoughts on each kind.

The Story
Boys Over flowers is about a girl named Tsukushi Makino. Who goes to a school called Eitoku Academy. On that School the "F4" rules. They are the richest and the most handsome guys on the school, they are pretty much famous. Tsukasa Domyoji is the leader of the group. He is spoiled and ego. The F4 bullies the people that they think are annoying and they give them a "Read Card" When you get a red card it means you have no bright future in Eitoku Academy. If you get it your now harshly bullied. You have to be ready to even die if you stay at Eitoku. Tsukushi Makino starts to go against the "F4" and soon she finds a "Red Card" in her locker. She has a strong mind and wont quit Eitoku. The leader, Domyoji gets more and more attracted to Tsukushi Makino cuz´she´s the only girl that who doesn´t fawn over him. While Tsukushi Makino starts to take a big interest in another F4- member called Rui Hanazawa. The journey begins.

The Manga
I didn´t read all of the manga. I think it is about 35 volumes.

Maybe 36. But I bet it´s good.
If you are going to read the manga search
for Hana Yori Dango. I think it´s quite ugly but
the story is really good.
If your shallow, you shouldn´t read this.

The Anime
I have watched the full series two times. I think it´s really good. No big differenses between the manga and the anime less than the manga is so much longer. I think the Anime is the most romantic way to watch Boys Before Flowers.

The Drama
In the drama the caracters doesn´t have the same names as in the manga and anime, just so you know. This is your best kind of Boys before flowers. It´s breath- taking. I loved every second of the time i was watching it. It´s just that the songs that´s in the drama is going on an on. But in the middle of the series they change some of the songs. I remember songs like "Aaalmost Paaradise.. Blablabla" and "Makee Smile, blabla makee love". It´s alot of laughter included with the show. Alot of tears to. ALOT! I strongly recomend this drama.

My Rate: SSSSS
This Manga is completed.
Read it here: http://www.mangafox.com/manga/hana_yori_dango/

My Rate: SSSSS
This Anime is completed.
Watch it here: http://www.veoh.com/collection/hydanime/watch/v478929kEFNhNTm

Korean Drama
My Rate: SSSSS
This Drama is completed but it may come another season. I´m not sure.
Watch it here: http://www.epdrama.com/boys-before-flowers/boys-before-flowers-episode-1-watch-download-flowers-before-boys-kkotboda-namja-english-sub/

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kare First Love (Manga)

Kare First Love
Genre´s: Drama, Romance, Shoujo and Slice of life.
Author & Artist: Miyasaka Kaho

This manga is about a girl named Karin. Who in the beginning of the story actually don´t look very good, with a "friend" that´s just hangs out with her for "help" with school work. When Karin meets Kiriya her life changes. She takes of her glasses and wears lenses. She let´s down her hair and acts now more relaxed. Karin and Kiriya soon becomes a couple and love´s each other. Her parents notice all this change and does not like it. They become a problem, but the love between Karin and Kiriya wont let them destroy ther relationship.

This manga is vert cliché- ish with the ugly part in the beginning. But one thing that´s not like the other manga´s is that the guy is nice from the beginning to the end. I liked this manga but you get kindá bored in the 7th book. It´s about how they love each other all the time and how they doubt each other some times. This manga is for the manga- readers who likes relationship manga´s.

My Rate: SSSSS
This manga is completed
Read it here: http://www.mangafox.com/manga/kare_first_love/

Monday, May 4, 2009

Café Latte Rhapsody (Manga)

Café Latte Rhapsody!
Genre´s: Drama, Romance, Shounen Ai, Yaoi.

This Manga starts in a bookshop where Serizawa workes. He´s a short 23 year- old male with freckles. One day a tall, very tall and "scary" looking guy comes in to the shop and helps Serizawa with taking down a book from a shelf. I know, very cliché. But from there a romantic and fun relationship begins. The "scary" looking guy is actually not very scary looking. And he´s very childish and cute in his acts.

I know! I´m SO SO sorry. This isn´t a Shoujo but a friend gave me a tips for this and Its actually very sweet and fun. Just make sure your nor homophobic if you choose to read this. I don´t have anything about homosexual relationships so I might read some more Shounen Ai´s in the future. It´s just that this Manga doesn´t reach out to me very good. It doesn´t happen alot. It is just more of a short love story. But it is actually 5 Chapters.

My Rate: SSSSS
This Manga is Completed.
Read it here: http://www.mangafox.com/manga/caf_latte_rhapsody/

Friday, May 1, 2009

Dengeki Daisy (Manga)

Dengeki Daisy!
Genre´s: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life and Shoujo.
Author & Artist: Motomi Kyousuke

This Manga is about a girl (Teru) who´s brother died a time ago. Before he died he gave a cellphone to Teru. He said "Teru, here´s a present for you. This phone is connected to "Daisy" When you´re feeling lonely or when you´re in a pinch, you can contact him anytime. He´s a kind person he will definitely come to help you. He´ll replace me. "Daisy" will always be by your side." After Teru´s brother died she had no one, but "Daisy". Now "Daisy" is the most important person in her life. She soon discoveres the School Janitor, Kurosaki Tasuku. Who she thinks is a pain in the ass, at first

This may not tell you much about the Manga but I really don´t want to reveal things about it. This Manga is really good and I´m eager to read the rest of it. It´s brilliant. In the Manga It´s alot of feelings and love. It´s fun to. I have only read the chapters that´s realesed on MangaFox.com but I have already cried TWO times.

My Rate: SSSSS
This Manga is Ongoing.
Read it here: http://www.mangafox.com/manga/dengeki_daisy/

Gakuen Ouji (Manga)

Gakuen Ouji!
Genre´s: Adult, Drama, Mature, Romance, School Life, Shoujo and Smut.
Author & Artist: Yuzuki Jun

This Manga is about a girl (Rise) who experienced something horrible, in elementary School a boy fell in love with her. But that boy was also loved by another person. Rise´s friend. For this all of her friends got angry at her cuz they thought that she with purpose made him fall for her. But she actually didn´t. She got bullied harshly and didn´t ever want that to happen again so she changed her style from a beautiful fun girl to a ugly plainlooking quiet girl. Now she goes to a School where female dominate. On that School it only goes about maybe 6- 7 boys against maybe hundreds of female pupils. When a new boy start at their School, Mizutani. He gets a shock. Cuz the female pupils IMMEDIATELY starts with trying to rape him.
What he needs to do to avoid that is to get a girlfriend on the School.
While he runs from the female pupils he bumpes in to Rise.
Who maybe is the only girl that´s not chasing him.

I got stuck in the manga and like I it alot.
I like the story and I think Yuzuki Jun is a great artist. What I don´t like is that it´s confusing sometimes.

My Rate: SSSSS
This manga is still Ongoing.
Read it here: http://www.mangafox.com/manga/gakuen_ouji/

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