Friday, November 19, 2010

What I´ve read ^.^

I know, again Ive been lazy or busy and not uploaded one single thing for you guys. This is just a quick thing I´m doin´ before school. (I´m actually sitting in school right now, twenty minutes before class starts.)
So here are manga´s that I´ve read and recomend.

Otokonoko wa Hachimitsu - One Shot

Watashi ni xx Shinasai! - 13 chaps out and ongoing

Koko ni Iru yo! - 16 Chapters

Sprout - 28 Chapters

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sad Love Story (Manhwa)

Sad Love Story

Author & Artist: Shin Ji-Sang, Geo
Genre´s: Drama, Romance, Shoujo & Tragedy.

As a child, Joon-young was always teased because his mother owned a bar that served Americans. When he meets Hae-in, a blind girl, they become childhood sweethearts and he vows to always protect her. However, Hae-in and her mom take off one night, leaving Joon-young and his promise behind.

I absolutley love this Manwha, I´ve cried like five times allready, if not more.
I don´t usually like Manwha´s and their art but this i really good. This is a must- read for everybody. A couldn´t even put this in one of my "What I´ve read"- posts because I think that is to be like.. cheating on a good manwha? Oh, I don´t now, you get the picture.
Read it.

My Rate: SSSSS
This manwha is still ongoing.
(I´m sorry for not doing the "click the image to read"- thing. It´s because I´m using my school- computer right now.)

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Sorry for not writing for like two weeks.
So now I´ll be a good girl and post.

Manga´s read the last two weeks: (Haven´t read much, my only reason: School)

I´m sorry, can´t rate, don´t remember them that well, but I recomend all of theese:

Oresama, teacher - 19 Chaps out and ongoing.

99% Cacao - 3 Chaps out and completed.

Aishikata Mo Wakarazuni - I think it is a One Shot, but it says "ongoing"

Usotsuki Lily - 2 Chaps out and Ongoing

Kiken Junai D.N.A. - 17 Chaps out and completed.

I have alot of homework and school- projects right now but I´ll try to post again before next monday. I´ll maybe post a new full review later today.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


It feel like it´s been "all talk and no action" lately so here comes some mangas I´ve read lately. I know, I truly am a geek with all the reading, but just bare with me.. ;P
This is a new kind of thing here, I´ll just write what I´ve read for a few days and rate it.

28 Sep - 30 Sep

Rate: S S S S S

Amairo Omoi - One shot

BlackxBlack - One shot

7 Genme wa Himitsu - 5 one shots

Rate: S S S S

Kare ga Shoujo Manga wo Yomuriyuu - One shot

Rate: S S S

Hidarite no Love Letter - 3 Chapters

Iinchou no Himegoto - 10 Chapters

Hajimete... - One shot

Tenshi ni Kiotsukero! - One shot

And that´s it, i think everyone of theese are worth the read.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ok, so I just want to say.. Do NOT read this manga:
Akuma de Sourou

It´s no good.
I´m out.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Ok, so I have bought the new iPhone 4 recently. Therfore I'm going to post from there. But it won't be as good as it normally is but definitely start posting again now so just bare with me, ok? ^^ BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Katakoi Iro (Manga)

Click him to read ^^^

Katakoi Iro
Author and Artist: Yumachi Shin
Genre´s: One Shot, Romance, School life and Shoujo

I don´t have a summary to this, cause it´s soo short, but it is a good read.
All I´m saying is try it. It is only 20 pages so it won´t take long anyways... ^ ^

My Rate: SSSSS
This manga is Completed
Click the picture to read

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Ok, so I am finished with the layout. (FINALLY)
So now I want your opinions.
As you may see, at the bottom of every post there is a rate- function now,
where you can choose between "LOVE", "Like", "Don´t like" and "HATE"
On this post rate how much you liked (or didn´t like) the new layout.
On reviews you can rate the manga, and let others now which manga peolpe liked the most.

LOVE, Elle


Hi, so I´m fixing my layout right now.
So how this blog looks might get you confused with all the changes.
Let´s just hope that the finished product looks OK.

LOVE, Ellinor

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ba-Thump Ba-Thump Diary (Manhwa)

Click on the picture to go directly to this manga on

Ba-Thump Ba-Thump Diary

Author and Artist: Kim Mi Jung
Genre´s: One Shot, Romance, School life, Shoujo and Sports

One day a young girl finds out that the boy
she likes is going to transfer to a different school.
The only one who knows
how much she loves him is her diary.
- Mangaupdates

Tihs is only a one shot, but I think it´s a good read.
Kindá weird in it´s own way.
Usually I don´t like the art in Manhwa´s but I do in this. ^^

My Rating: SSSSS
This Manhwa is Completed
Click the picture to start reading

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I´m sorry that I haven´t posted ANYTHING since New years.
And that´s bad.
I just opened my blog again just today and saw that I actually had followers,
so I´ll try to start posting again.

I will, very soon recomend a new manga for you <3>

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New 2010!

Ok, a bit late but. HAPPY NEW 2010!
So here comes a great collection of one-shots. Just click tha picture to start reading as usual ;P
Btw, as I think no one of you guys know I am into photography to. This picture is actually taken by me today 00:00 o´clock ;P I like it TONS! Weeeell then. Click on the picture now if you haven´t allready. ^^ Happy new Year!