Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Katakoi Iro (Manga)

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Katakoi Iro
Author and Artist: Yumachi Shin
Genre´s: One Shot, Romance, School life and Shoujo

I don´t have a summary to this, cause it´s soo short, but it is a good read.
All I´m saying is try it. It is only 20 pages so it won´t take long anyways... ^ ^

My Rate: SSSSS
This manga is Completed
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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Ok, so I am finished with the layout. (FINALLY)
So now I want your opinions.
As you may see, at the bottom of every post there is a rate- function now,
where you can choose between "LOVE", "Like", "Don´t like" and "HATE"
On this post rate how much you liked (or didn´t like) the new layout.
On reviews you can rate the manga, and let others now which manga peolpe liked the most.

LOVE, Elle


Hi, so I´m fixing my layout right now.
So how this blog looks might get you confused with all the changes.
Let´s just hope that the finished product looks OK.

LOVE, Ellinor

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ba-Thump Ba-Thump Diary (Manhwa)

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Ba-Thump Ba-Thump Diary

Author and Artist: Kim Mi Jung
Genre´s: One Shot, Romance, School life, Shoujo and Sports

One day a young girl finds out that the boy
she likes is going to transfer to a different school.
The only one who knows
how much she loves him is her diary.
- Mangaupdates

Tihs is only a one shot, but I think it´s a good read.
Kindá weird in it´s own way.
Usually I don´t like the art in Manhwa´s but I do in this. ^^

My Rating: SSSSS
This Manhwa is Completed
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I´m sorry that I haven´t posted ANYTHING since New years.
And that´s bad.
I just opened my blog again just today and saw that I actually had followers,
so I´ll try to start posting again.

I will, very soon recomend a new manga for you <3>